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All-day scents that won't suffocate your neighbour at work

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I can’t remember the number of times I’ve gotten into a lift, only to be assaulted full-on with the residue of someone’s terrible perfume. The stench fills my lungs, and I feel like I’m breathing in deadly fumes.

The same thing happens in restaurants, too. I’m halfway through my food, enjoying every morsel I put in my mouth. Then someone sits next to me, and the perfume they’re wearing is so strong; it overpowers everything else. I end up eating perfume-tasting crap, no thanks to the unnecessary and excessive inhalation of a badly-made fragrance.

With that in mind, I decided that we should be more polite this week, not just in terms of actions, but also in terms of what scents we wear. Here’s Emmagem’s pick of some really awesome all-day scents that are not only suitable for work, but will also get you places after clocking your 9-to-5.

My Burberry by Burberry
Firstly, this was created by perfumer Francis Kurkdijan. That alone is probably enough reason. Secondly, it’s a fruity-floral, so it’s pretty safe. According to Kurkdijan, My Burberry was inspired by London, an urban garden. The fragrance captures the lush wetness of a garden after the rain, with feelings of earthiness and freshness.

Composition (from top notes to base notes): sweet pea, bergamot, geranium, freesia, patchouli, rose.

Sun de Gioia by Giorgio Armani
This is a new flanker from one of Giorgio Armani’s bestselling fragrances: Acqua di Gioia. While the original scent was inspired by the sea, this one pays homage to the glorious sun (duh), in the form of a warm, feminine scent that evokes feelings of the first sunlight on skin. Granted, it’s a warmer scent, but if you like a hint of sweetness in your perfume, this one hits the right notes without killing you with a vanilla overdose.

Composition (from top notes to base notes): bergamot, freesia, frangipani, ylang ylang, iris, vanilla, ambroxan.

Rose Pompon by Annick Goutal
Queen of perfumes Annick Goutal is famed for her multi-layered scents, which were delicate yet lingering. Her daughter, Camille, continues her legacy with this new scent, Rose Pompon. The iconic Annick Goutal perfume, Petite Cherie, was created for Camille by her mother in 1998. This time around, to achieve a younger, more dynamic scent, they roped in Philippine Courtière, and the result is a lighthearted floral fruity fragrance, housed in a pink ombre bottle that stays true to the brand’s identity.

Composition (from top notes to base notes): raspberry, blackcurrant, pink pepper, rose, pink peony, musk, cedar, patchouli.

Omnia Paraiba by Bulgari
Bulgari’s Omnia is also one of those perfumes that have been around for years, with the first Omnia launched in 2003 and the latest one (number 8) being this beautiful azure bottle. Paraiba is a Brazilian semi-precious stone known for its blue-green colour, and this scent was inspired by the Brazilian jungle. It’s very tropical with hints of guava and mango (though not explicitly mentioned by the brand), which some people find enticing, but a number of reviews also mentioned that they’re slightly disappointed with Omnia Paraiba if compared to the original Omnia scent.

Composition (from top notes to base notes): passion fruit, bitter orange, passion flower, gardenia, vetiver, cocoa.

Earl Grey & Cucumber Cologne by Jo Malone
Personally, I do think that Jo Malone’s perfumes are a tad on the expensive side despite looking slightly mass-produced (they don’t have the charm that Annick Goutal bottles have), but you have to commend them for coming up with some creative scent combinations. This earl grey-based scent isn’t new, but it’s a pretty scent that tea lovers will find joy in. Imagine wearing your favourite beverage! However, as with most ‘colognes’, longevity is a problem so don’t expect it to linger beyond 5 hours…

Composition (from top notes to base notes): apple, bergamot, cucumber, angelica, beeswax, musk.

Cleopatra by Apothecary Malaysia
A Malaysian brand! With beautiful packaging! And a working website! It doesn’t get any better than this. If you prefer headier notes like jasmine or sandalwood but fear the backlash from your colleagues, look for a solid perfume that allows you better control over how much you use. Cleopatra is inspired by the regal Egyptian queen, so you too can channel your inner royalty and be the strong, confident woman that you are.

Composition (from top notes to base notes): mandarin, cactus flower, freesia, gardenia, lily of the valley, sandalwood.

(Images: credit to respective brands)

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