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Hype or real deal? Celebrity-produced beauty brands

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Nowadays, one only has to type the magic keywords into her Google search bar, and all the results of whether a particular product really works or not will appear on her smartphone screen. The internet is such a convenient platform for me (and other beauty junkies around the world) to keep up-to-date on what’s new, and to read all the reviews online before deciding whether to buy something we’ve got our eye on. But there’s also the bad – if your product sucks, the Internet can break you. Here are some of the brands that have made the news recently:

Kat Von D by Kat Von D
Bestselling item: Lock-It Tattoo Foundation
What the official website says:
“Creamy and pigmented, it’s the only long-wear liquid formula we can count on to create a perfect canvas.”
“It’s so long-wear, we can go a full 24 hours without touching up or re-applying.”
“The coverage is AMAZING.”

What the internet says:
“It’s much thicker than any foundation or BB Cream I’ve ever owned. This stuff dries quickly, so I had to work fast. The coverage for this stuff is simply amazing. It has a semi-matte finish that truly hides every single mark and blemish on my face. It even hid marks I didn’t know were there.” –

“This foundation is definitely one of the most pigmented/full coverage foundations I’ve ever used, but it’s not the best foundation for dry skin, so make sure you prep your skin and moisturise before use. I definitely think this foundation is one I’ll only use on my face if I have a long day with important events/shoots/occasions. Otherwise, I think this foundation is great used as a spot concealer.” –

Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner
Bestselling item: Kylie Lip Kit
What the official website says:
“This ultra-long wearing lip liner has a creamy texture that glides across the lips for a very easy and comfortable application.”
“The Liquid Matte Lipstick has high intensity pigment for an instant bold matte lip.”
“The extremely long wearing lipstick contains moisturizing ingredients for a comfortable, emollient and silky feel that does not dry your lips out.”

What the internet says:
“The packaging is fun and feels kind of “edgy” with the drips. The lip liner and liquid lipstick go on a bit dry, but the color is great and very Kylie-ish. The drawback is that it smells like synthetic candy-scented ick, and the fact that it’s sitting right under the nose doesn’t help. People did say it looked nice though! Which is nice. But overall, mixed feelings.” –

“Hours after applying it, I put it to the ultimate test: a sub sandwich lunch with extra sauce, not eaten like a lady. It came out mostly intact, with only a single small smudge and a bit of fading on the inside of my lips. My only problem with the lipstick, which you’ll notice right away, is that it’s heavily scented…like vanilla. Moral of the story? If you nabbed one, be psyched. If you didn’t, it’s not worth 10x the price on eBay, but definitely watch for the restock.” –

The product was also recently under fire for its cheap quality applicator wands, which makeup artist Jeffree Star called “unacceptable”. It was also revealed that ColourPop (the current ‘it’ makeup brand) is the manufacturer for Kylie Lip Kits, which sell for USD29. In comparison, a ColourPop liquid lipstick is only priced at USD6, while a matching lipliner is USD5, coming up to USD11 – more than 50% cheaper than the Kylie Lip Kit.

The Honest Company by Jessica Alba
Most talked-about item: Honest Sunscreen Lotion
screen shot 2015-07-31 at 2.17.18 pm
What the official website says:
“Clinically tested safe and effective SPF 50+ mineral sunscreen made with simple and effective ingredients — everything you need, nothing you don’t.”
“Made without: chemical sunscreens (i.e. oxybenzone and octinoxate), PABA, parabens, nano-particles, fragrances, gluten, dyes, or most common allergens.”

What the internet says:
In 2015, complaints surfaced about The Honest Company’s sunscreen, with all of them citing that the product didn’t work. A lot of people got sunburned while wearing it, and they weren’t happy.

In a story run by NBC Chicago, it was said that: “at some point the company cut the amount of zinc oxide in the tubes from 20 percent to 9.3 percent. When it removed the zinc, the company says it added other ingredients to keep it effective.” According to the story, majority of other sunscreens that contained zinc oxide as the only active ingredient had a much higher concentration, between 18 to 25 percent.

The sunscreen’s not the only product by The Honest Company that’s in trouble, though: a detailed article by Racked.comlists out other lawsuits the company has gotten with regards to its detergent, baby food and shampoo.

Made in Malaysia
In 2010, Siti Nurhaliza paved the way for Malaysian celebrity brands with her cosmetic line, SimplySiti. Here are two more brands to watch:

Mystical by Fazura
Nur Fazura is no stranger to the Malaysian entertainment scene – we totally fell in love with her in 2005 when she starred as the female lead in Gol & Gincu. At 33, she looks amazing and last year, she launched her own line of scented body sprays. “The entire process took months to complete, and I was involved from beginning to end, from choosing the scents to deciding on the packaging.” Mystical by Fazura comes in 3 scents for RM39.90 each, and is available online from House Of Doll, Fazura’s fashion boutique.

Lameya by Ella
Made with pomegranate, dates, olive oil, figs, collagen, vitamin C and more, this beauty supplement by Malaysia’s very own queen of rock, Ella, is a family recipe that has been used for years. ‘Lameya’ means ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘optimism’ in Arabic, and the gel-type supplement comes in convenient sachets – just tear open and consume directly. A 1-month supply of 30 sachets is priced at RM199.90, available from selected stockists nationwide.


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