Thursday, August 18, 2016

Smart beauty products that will make you feel like a genius

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Women are smart. There’s no denying that. But sometimes it’s also fun to inject intelligent beauty products into your routine to make things fun again. Here are some of our top pics to splurge on this week:
Laneige Eyeshadow Bar
Since the success of the now-iconic Lip Bar, which has spawned many an imitation, Laneige now gives you the same level of convenience for your eyes with the Eyeshadow Bar. Available in 4 shades, the pre-determined colour to shimmer ratio is better than scouring the bookshops or internet for Eyeshadow for Dummies, so you can ace the two-tone eye makeup look without cracking your head over YouTube tutorials. Swipe on and blend with your fingertip or an eyeshadow brush. It’s that simple.

Origins Maskimizer
If your favourite mask hasn’t really been cutting it for you lately, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. But, instead of switching to a new one and going through the trial and error of knowing if it works for you, Origins has gone one step further with a mask primer that goes on before your mask to boost its benefits. Red Algae, the key ingredient, encourages overall health and helps replenish moisture to keep skin supple. Mask + maximizer = Maskimizer. You have to admit, it’s rather clever.

L’Oreal True Match Genius Foundation
It’s a primer. It’s a foundation. It’s a concealer. It’s a finishing powder. This compact foundation claims to do all the heavy work for you, from prepping to setting. The creamy formula dries to what the brand calls a ‘demi-matte finish’, and the compact comes with a sponge applicator. What women love about it (from what we gathered so far) is that the buildable coverage is a plus point, and that the glides on really smoothly, doing away with the need for a primer. For a product that claims to do everything at once, this is actually one of the very few that hits the sweet spot.

CNKCos Color Bean Multi Cleanser
sexy bean
When you’re travelling light and don’t have much space for luxuries, this multi-use cleanser comes in handy. Each ‘bean’ serves a different function, from facial cleanser, to facial scrub, to body soap, to shampoo and more. One ball for the face, two balls for hair, and two balls for the body. Apparently, it’s safe for kids too, but we’d reckon this serves as more of a novelty product instead of an everyday staple. One thing’s for sure, though – using this makes us feel like astronauts or people from the future.

Pobling Mini Ion Applicator
The galvanic ion applicator isn’t a new product, but this product deserves a mention because it’s not too expensive and it’s a fun way to spend more time taking care of your skin. A gentle vibration and nutrient ionization (?!) function helps to deliver the goodness of your skincare products deeper into skin’s layers. Positive charges ‘push’ the product into the skin, while negative charges ‘pull’ out impurities. As with gadgets, we’re not too hopeful on drastic improvements, but if your skincare routine is in need of an update, and if you’re seeing more lines around the eyes, mouth and neck, this might be worth a try.

Marc Jacobs Cover(t) Stick Color Corrector
Every woman’s skin suffers from different concerns, and this calls for a colour corrector to fix that before you apply foundation. These pretty marbled stick correctors brighten, neutralize and conceal imperfections the easy way: pink/lilac for dullness and dark circles on fair skin, citron/lime for redness and peach/caramel for dark spots and dark circles on medium to deep skin tones. We can’t get over how cute these twist-up sticks are; even spending our dollars on all four seems like a worthy investment.

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